The collaboration relationship between SAKARTDESIGN and MAVERICK VIÑALES have a spark that generated the “reaction” in the moment we saw Maverick take to the skies in an F-18 (!) ahead of the Aragon Gp 2015. In that precise moment we understood that his real passion is the supersonic speed.

When Maverick asked us at the end of the 2015 season to study a new customized graphics for his off road helmet Arai MX-V, we had no doubt that it should be inspired by that. Then colors, lines and style do refer to a strongly characterized “aeronautic” image, graphics has been named “WEAR BEFORE FLIGHT” with a special dedicated logo on both helmet sides, referring to the “remove before flight” red ribbon used on airplanes before the take off.

When we showed him the very first sketches, he was immediately satisfied, like we had read his thoughts. When we delivered him the new MX helmet during the Suzuki MotoGP Team press conference in the occasion of the EICMA motorcycle Fair in Milan in November 2015, his smile made us aware that our mission was accomplished!

We conceived and designed new Maverick MotoGP 2016 Season Arai RX-7V helmet, stylistically descending from MX “wear before flight” helmet. We are really satisfied with new graphic creative process and constructive dialogue we established with rider entourage and helmet supplier Arai Helmet.

Furthermore we specifically follow the stylistic and graphic development of Maverick Alpinestars gloves and boots, customized with graphic features from his new helmet style.




ph. credits
Lorenzo Barsotti